Alpine Cooking - illustrated Maps of alpine countries
Penguin Randomhouse New York
Rigi - Queen of islands
from the Lab
Spange Nord - a caricature
civic duty
Fjords of Switzerland - Pilatus & Co.
from the Lab
Last Glacial Maximum
from the Lab
Tour de Suisse 27 page special issue
Schweizer Familie
The secret life of a landscape
Nidwaldner Museum
From fortress to museum - info animation
Nidwaldner Museum
Winter sports panorama painting
Entlebucherhaus UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Schilter - Swiss Industrial Heritage
Nidwaldner Museum
Urban Sketching in Warsaw
sketching enthusiam
1000 Dinge (1000 things)
Willisau from 1100 to 2017
Stadt Willisau
Willisau from 1100 to 2018 Animated version
Eugen Meyer Stiftung
Family holidays in Bern
Schweizer Familie
NEAT - underpassing the Alps
The islands of Switzerland
from the Lab
Reconstruction of a typical Swiss Farmhouse
Entlebucherhaus UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Illustrating statistical data
Konform AG
39'000 B.C. - visualising the past
Kantonsarchäologie Luzern
Unterirdische Schweiz - Subterranean Switzerland
Schweizer Familie
Vienna Motor Symposium 2016
KiloKilo, Zürich
Praise the imperfect - a quest for perfection
Artifacts from an alternative reality
from the Lab
Rakijada - illustrations & animations
Pixiu Films
Bunkerberge - visualising the invisible
45 sculptures - 1 sunny afternoon
Skulpturenpark Ennetbürgen
Luzern Nord - visualising the future
from the Lab
Warsaw Subway Sketching Group
Sketching enthusiasm
Funding science - visualising complexity
HSLU Magazin Luzern
AEE Suisse
Drawing, Illustration
studying scientific visualisation
Knowledge design studies
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